POJWoman by Pelin Özerson
POJWoman by Pelin Özerson

POJ Woman is the story of re-birth!
As I was lost in my life, POJ Woman came to existence when I, all of a sudden, remembered that the peace, I was constantly missing was actually in being productive and creative. On my path to re-birth, I realized that the search for solution lies in me. I remembered that I could be productive when I felt secure, that I would prosper as much as I would keep myself open for innovations, and the value of being in flow with life. And, the most important lesson learned was the necessity to maintain the balance among all these awarenesses.

As I proceeded on this path, each invaluable awareness came to life as simple designs, having their own voice and expression. These elegant and naive designs, which I tried to keep as simple as possible, included many feelings going arm-in-arm while competing with each other; as if these rebellious designs are searching and discovering the controversies within the balance of their sketches; the power in their fragility, and peace in a major chaos...
Just like you and me...

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