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Now Furniture
Now Furniture
Now furniture first opened as a vintage furniture store in Eyüp. In this store, designer furniture and lighting from the 50s - 70s were used. These products were brought back to life by staying true to their original skeleton and using Now Furniture touches. Over time, a furniture store was opened in Göktürk in line with the requests and needs of the visitors, and new and completely handcrafted furniture, lighting and accessories were also included in the brand.
The starting point of our brand; It was created to produce ergonomic, high quality and timeless furniture and lighting.We strive to bring contemporary ideas to life with flawless traditional methods and reflect the Now Furniture difference to homes and offices.We strive to make our products sustainable throughout their entire life cycle. We are very happy that we will bring you products that will be used more fondly and add value to living spaces with each passing yea
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