We are with Zeynep and Emre, the designers of 3rd Culture who bring the designs of different cultures in our living space.



Emre and Zeynep returned to Turkey to establish the 3rd Culture brand aiming to make colorful, warm and dynamic products with symmetry and geometry.


Zeynep graduated from the object design department of Central St. Martins and Emre from the School of Oriental and African Studies. After graduation, he worked as a news producer and agency photographer for 2 years in Kenya. He has spent his days by creating a visual identity with a sense of decoration that completes each other.



How does Zeynep and Emre spend their day?

 Z: My day starts playing with my cat in bed. Then you can find me in my tailor, varnisher, upholsterer, or in the carpenter during the day.

 E: I am very domestic when I don’t travel. The day starts with coffee, continues at the swimming pool or at a long walk, then goes between the store and the house in Beyoğlu.


 Your life motto with 3 words?

Z: Perfection is the enemy of good.

E: Why the f*** not ?


Your inspirations?

Z: Ettore Sottsass, Modern art masters and traveling.

E: Georges Braques, Elliott Erwitt photos, Terry Gilliam films, India, Morocco and Mexico.


Favorite part of your job?

Z: The process from drawing to production.

E: Conversations that I make with people who come from all around the world to our store. This conversations are mostly about Africa, cats, music, photography, design or Istanbul, that are totally unrelated with each other. 


What are the feautres of good design for you?

Z: In my opinion, good design is a design that simplifies the lives of people. It could be also a solution to a problem by making you smile.

E: I love the designs that have a story. Longer stories are the best.  


People who impresses you?

Z: Marcel Wanders, Hamed Sino, Justin Trudeau.

E: Bill Hicks, A Tribe Called Quest.


Things that feeds your creativity lately?

 Book: Brave New World, Aldous Huxley

- City: San Cristobal de las Casas, Meksika

- Song/Album: Bahr, Mashrou Leila

- Movie/Theater: Straight Outta Compton

- Exhibition/Gallery: Retrospective of Inci Eviner

- Blog: Another

- Instagram account: Picame


Do you have any “rituals” while building up or creating a new project?

Z: I start with listening to RNB songs of mid- 90’s and looking at the photos I took in the places where I have been. 


How will we be surprised by the 3rd Culture brand in the following days?

We have new African fabrics from Ghana and Nigeria, e are working on a new collection of pillows and lamps with these fabrics. Besides, we are developing our Mexican collections for the winter. We are working on a limited collection of woolen and cotton fabrics from the villages of Chipas.


Finally, what are the 5 products you like the most on hipicon?

Z: Barrier - Cannonball

Losh Design - Firefly Tavan Aydınlatması

Losh Design - Gaze Aplik

Hamm - Büfet

Emre Evrenos - Pan Sehpa


E: Gege - Faces

Erdem Akan - Shish Tabak

Omer Faruk Yaman - Morning Coffee

Mon Design - Rhinestone

Barrier - Disk Tavan Lambası


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