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EKRIA is a contemporary lifestyle brand with a bold and sophisticated take on art and design based in Istanbul and London.
EKRIA’s well-curated products are made of high-quality, conscious materials, crafted with modern techniques and outstanding craftsmanship. 
The future is the constant inspiration for EKRIA. It opposes all notion of unnecessary embellishments, seeking the utmost complexity where power is central in delicate yet bold minimalism and storytelling through colors and motifs.
EKRIA is curious about all the visual elements of the cosmos and their power of storytelling. 
Through human experience EKRIA uncovers the Cosmos. By exploring the graphic elements of diverse cultures; civilisations and eras, the collections capture the nature of human history and this study shapes the unique design vocabulary of EKRIA while respecting the universal principles of design.
EKRIA was created in 2013 by Esra Karadeniz, a keen-eyed industrial designer. Her artistic journey started with a course on Installation and Accessories Design, at the Central-Saint Martins University of Arts in London. Which led to a bachelors degree in industrial design at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.

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